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Hopefully this will work towards preventing future injustices.

Michael Morton Prosecutor Will Face Criminal Charges for Withholding Evidence Texas Judge Charges Former Williamson County Prosecutor Ken Anderson With Three Felonies for Concealing Evidence of Morton’s Innocence Contact: Paul Cates, [email protected] Alana Massie, [email protected] (Austin, TX; April 19, 2013) – Today a Texas court has ruled that former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson will face criminal contempt and tampering charges for failing to … Read More

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About Us Law Offices of Heather M. Boxeth are experienced and skilled in representing clients accused of crimes in criminal court and advising of the immigration consequences. We make it convenient to you with hiring one office for both your criminal case and immigration case. You can be assured with all of the information in house, there is not the concern of multiple legal offices representing different interests and needs and attempting to communicate with each other. We have your best interests in mind. The Law Offices of Heather M. Boxeth work hard to protect them!


Heather M. Boxeth holds three degrees; Juris Doctorate, Masters of Education with a Multicultural and Bilingual Emphasis and Bachelor's Degree. Heather M. Boxeth is a private criminal defense and immigration attorney. She is a former public defender. She is knowledgeable on the crossover between immigration and criminal law and frequently provides expert consulting to criminal attorneys with respect to the immigration consequences of a client’s conviction and/or plea deal.

She also advises immigration attorneys on cutting-edge immigration-court arguments why a given conviction does not trigger removal, and provides post-conviction efforts to clean criminal records to avoid immigration consequences.

She is fluent in Spanish, often represents Spanish speaking clients, and welcomes your calls in Spanish.

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