Post Conviction Relief

Post Conviction Relief is the terminology referred to the act of reopening a criminal case and changing the outcome on its record. This practice is becoming more common now that the enforcement of immigration has become more of a priority in this country.

If you are being affected by a past criminal conviction, you may have a chance to take it off your record, potentially modify the terms or sentence of the conviction, or expunging the conviction. Post Conviction Relief in many cases can make a difference in how an old conviction affects your immigration status.

There are several methods of changing the criminal conviction on your record through post conviction relief such as:

    • Withdrawing a Guilty Plea
    • Vacating (Setting Aside) a Conviction Due to Ineffective Assistance of Council
    • Modifying or Reducing a Sentence Due to Ineffective Assistance of Council
    • Vacating a Conviction Due to Court’s Failure to Advise About Immigration Consequences
    • Expungements of Misdemeanors When Probation is Granted
    • Early Termination of Probation
    • Reduction of Conviction from Felony to Misdemeanor

If you have already been convicted of a crime, it still may be possible to avoid immigration consequences depending on the facts of your case. But don’t wait any longer! Immigrants and non-citizens who already have convictions on their records should not give up hope. We may be able to modify your conviction or vacate it completely, thereby safeguarding your status. But we have to act quickly. Contact us for a consultation.

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