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Expert Witness Experience:

We help find immigration-safe plea bargains, advise immigration lawyers how to argue in immigration court that a conviction does not cause immigration damage, and find strategies to reopen criminal cases to eliminate immigration damage.

We provide frequent consultation concerning immigration consequences of criminal  convictions; service as expert witness in habeas corpus and other post-conviction relief and immigration cases. 

Heather M. Boxeth has experience as both a retained and appointed attorney. She develops curriculum; written training materials and practice advisories and train attorneys in the area of immigration law and immigration consequences  in criminal proceedings for non-citizen clients. She has extensive experience in the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. Additionally, she is very knowledgeable and work s with US Military Veterans that are facing deportation or have been deported.

If you are an attorney and have a client facing criminal charges or has a criminal record who is not a United States citizen contact us as your expert consultant.

If you are an immigration attorney and have a client with a criminal arrest and or record, at risk of losing their visa, facing removal proceedings or in proceedings, contact us immediately, Law Offices of Heather M. Boxeth can help.

Legal Service for Attorneys

Immigration Lawyers

We investigate criminal histories nationwide, and analyze them to provide

  • Cutting-edge immigration-court arguments why a given conviction does not trigger removal, and
  • Post-conviction efforts to clean criminal records to avoid immigration consequences.

Criminal Lawyers

We investigate criminal and immigration histories nationwide and offer

  • Pre-plea strategies for obtaining immigration-safe dispositions, and
  • Post-conviction relief to eliminate immigration damage.

We offer an extensive initial consultation, accept credit cards, speak Spanish, and staff our phones 24 hours a day. To contact us, call (619) 233-3843 today.

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